Warranty Information

Ezyglide has a warranty period of five years. This covers the following:

  • Workmanship*
  • Chrome-plated brass fittings, such as brackets, hinges & knobs
  • The powder-coating and anodizing of aluminium
  • Any PVC pieces (e.g pivot blocks & pins, end-caps, rollers, and plastic strips)
  • Silicone

This means that any moving pieces** that are subject to deterioration are covered by our warranty, indicating the confidence we place in the capability of our products. Also, due to our available resources, comfort should be drawn by the fact that any potential issue will be attended to swiftly and professionally.

* Any movement/displacement of panels which is attributed primarily to movement in walls and/or the building cannot be covered by this warranty, due to it being a circumstance outside of Ezyglide’s control.

** Excluding Glass

Effective from 1/10/13

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