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Frameless Mirrors Sydney - Custom Made To Measure Frameless Bathroom Mirrors

Ezy Glide’s custom frameless mirrors, including custom made mirrors, are more than just a practical way to see your reflection. We also offer decorative wall mirrors in various shapes such as round, square, and rectangle, perfect for adding a touch of elegance to your home. With the distinctive shapes and different sizes frameless bathroom mirrors can come in, they can actually add a breathe new life into your home, whilst enhancing your living and bathroom spaces.

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Custom Frameless Mirrors in Sydney

If you’re looking for a modern, stylish frameless mirror to give your bathroom a lift, you’ve come to the right place.

We carry a variety of modern, eye-catching custom mirrors to perfectly suit your style and budget. Installing mirrors in different areas of your home can enhance interior design, add brightness, and create an illusion of space.

Custom Frameless Bathroom Mirrors

Custom frameless bathroom mirrors are a popular choice for many homeowners, and custom mirrors can also be installed in walk-in robes, hallways, living rooms, and home gyms to enhance the aesthetic appeal and functionality of these spaces.

Polished Edge Frameless Mirrors

When it comes to polished edge frameless mirrors, our commitment to providing quality mirrors is evident through our high-level craftsmanship and use of high quality mirrored glass. We offer a wide range of quality mirrors, including custom designs, ensuring that you find the perfect mirror for any application.

Bevelled Edge Frameless Mirrors

Bevelled edge mirrors are a stylish and elegant addition to any space. These mirrors feature edges that are cut and polished at an angle, creating a beautiful framed look without the need for an actual frame. They are perfect for various settings, including bathrooms, living rooms, and hallways.

Frameless Bathroom Wall Mirrors

Frameless bathroom wall mirrors offer a sleek and modern look, and professional mirror installation ensures a hassle-free experience. When considering mirror installation, it's important to think about access space for wall installations and the ability to cut glass to any size, whether it's for floor to ceiling, bathroom, or feature wall installations.

Large Frameless Bathroom Mirrors

Large wall mirrors, especially those with bevelled edge frameless designs, are incredibly versatile and functional. They are perfect for a variety of spaces such as gyms, foyers, studios, and restaurants. These mirrors can be customised in different shapes and sizes, making them suitable for diverse properties.

Frameless Vanity Mirrors

Frameless vanity mirrors add a touch of elegance and modernity to any space. With their sleek design and lack of a bulky frame, these mirrors blend seamlessly into bathrooms, bedrooms, and dressing areas, creating a clean and sophisticated look.

Frameless Mirrors have become effective interior design tools used to fulfil practical purposes and enhance living spaces.

The bathroom mirror is no longer just your trusty companion to help you get ready in the morning. Mirrors have become effective interior design tools used to fulfil practical purposes and to enhance your living spaces. Whether you’re looking for an elegant framed bathroom mirror or a sleek frameless mirror, Ezy Glide is your one stop supplier and installer in Sydney.

We supply and install various types of mirrors, including hair salon mirrors, bathroom vanity mirrors, steel framed mirrors, gym mirrors, and custom-made mirrors for both residential and commercial customers. For wall installations, especially in gym settings, it's important to consider the adjacent area and access space. Mirrors can be installed from floor to ceiling, in bathrooms, or as feature walls to meet your specific needs and preferences.

All our frameless mirrors atEzy Glide are proudly Australian made. They have high-polished edges to ensure safe handling and are designed with materials proven to withstand humid bathroom settings.


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